From a parent.....

From a parent.....

One of my friends asked “Why do you pay for your children to do Tae Kwon-do ?” This is how I responded…

I pay for those moments when my kids become so tired they want to quit, but don’t!

I pay for those days when my kids come home from school and are ‘too tired’ to go to club but they go anyway!

I pay for my kids to learn to be disciplined.

I pay for my kids to learn to take care of their body.

I pay for my kids to learn to work with others as part of a team

I pay for my kids to learn to make and accomplish goals

I pay for my kids to learn that it takes hours and hours of hard work and practice to become a Black Belt and that success doesn’t happen over night.

I pay for the opportunity my kids have to make life long friendships

I pay for my kids to learn how to be more confident and defend themselves

I pay so that my kids are on the mats keeping fit and not in front of a screen….

I pay for the opportunities that Taekwondo provides my children to develop attributes that will serve them well throughout their lives and give them opportunities.

So far I think it’s a GREAT investment!


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