A Black Belt

A Black Belt

I used to think everyone could be a Black Belt.

The ‘Way’ was simple,

All they had to do was train everyday for 4-5 years,

Attend 2 to 3 lessons a week,

Pay attention to instruction and they would make the grade.

Over the years I realised this was not true.

Many won’t make it, some are just scared of the responsibility,

Some are weak willed and just don’t have it in them.

Most people blame the instructor, family or work commitments,

Their relationship with other students or that their spouse won’t let them, maybe nagging injuries or illness

Not realising that overcoming these problems is what makes them a Black Belt!

Some give it up when they get a Black Belt not realising that this is also a test.

Black Belt means ‘Beginner’ and that you have only just found the ladder to climb.

A Black Belt is an investment in a person it is only a belt and a piece of paper but wearing it is another thing.

Many Martial Artists don’t realise they failed at that point.

Taking responsibility for themselves, their own training, their own standards, their own progress,

Never blaming others for a setback,

Being strong enough to help others……..THAT’S a Black Belt!!!

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