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Adults Martial Arts

From Beginners To Black Belts, Our Adult Martial Arts Classes Have It All

Whether your goal is to learn effective self-defence skills, improve your memory and self confidence, we have the answer at Ady Jones Taekwondo Schools in Wrexham. Our Adult Martial Arts programme is the perfect way for men and women all across our community to challenge themselves and learn something new every day.

And guess what? You’ll take on a great workout, too!

This programme is great for all experience levels.

Our Adult Martial Arts classes will help you:

Lose Weight and Become Fitter – all while learning kicking and punching drills on the pads

Boost your Memory – learn techniques and patterns, which are a sequence of movements, that positively impact cognitive development and functions

Increase Self-Confidence – That’s right! With our sparring drills you will learn footwork, balance, coordination and physical fitness

Have FUN!!

What Can You Expect From Our Adult Martial Arts Classes?

We know that people train with us for a wide range of reasons. Some want to get fit. Some want to stay safe. Some want a combination of both.

That’s why we’re offering Adult Martial Arts training that can meet the needs of any experience level – helping everyone from complete beginners to Black Belt martial artists.

Come and see us at our Full Time Centres in Wrexham or Ruabon today for:

  • The best martial arts instruction in the area
  • A safe, supportive environment
  • Ongoing motivation and encouragement
  • Incredible self-confidence in all aspects of life

Book a FREE Trial Today For The Best Adult Martial Arts Training  in Wrexham!

There’s truly no better way to build strength, burn fat, and take on effective self-defence skills for any situation than with our Adult Martial Arts Classes at Ady Jones Taekwondo Schools. Come see us at one of our Full Time Centres today either The Academy Wrexham or The new Academy in Ruabon or one of our many convenient satellite locations and try it all for yourself.