Kids Martial Arts

At Ady Jones Taekwondo Schools, we are proud to serve all students across our community with age-specific Kids Martial Arts classes. Whether you’re joining us at one of our Full Time Martial Arts Centres in Wrexham or Ruabon or one of our satellite schools in Gresford, Rossett, or Llay, you can count on the highest-quality instruction and a dedication to every child’s success. 

Our Kids Martial Arts Classes truly have something for all ages & abilities with our Tiger Cubz classes for age 2-3 years, Tigers for 3-5 years and our Junior & Beginner classes from age 6 upwards.

We have training for students as young as 2 with an exciting belt progression system that can keep your child motivated every step of the way.

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Tiger Cubz (Ages 2 to 3 years): This 30-minute preschool programme is the perfect way to introduce the very basics of movement and social skills.

Tigers (Ages 3 to 5 years): This class will help your child learn tools like balance, coordination, and self-confidence with our hands-on instruction

Juniors (Ages 6-12; White Belt To Black Belt): This programme covers the spectrum for everyone from complete beginners to seasoned martial artists. We build your child up with exciting instruction and a focus on improving their skills one step at a time. Find The Kids Martial Arts Class That Works Best For You

Beginners & Families classes are for ALL ages & abilities so children age 6 upwards can attend along or with a parent / sibling. Similarly adults can also attend both of these sessions alone or with family members age 6 or above,


PLUS, All Of Our Kids Martial Arts Classes Offer Incredible Life Skills For Any Age Group

We all know that Kids Martial Arts classes are a great way to build physical skills and learn self-confidence in any situation. But what about the mental tools like discipline, respect, and focus that will serve your child into adulthood?

Well, we’re offering those skills and so much more.

Our programmes at Ady Jones Taekwondo Schools are helping students across Wrexham and beyond develop into well-rounded young adults who are prepared for whatever life throws their way.

In no time, your child can:

  • Learn leadership and teamwork skills
  • Develop effective communication strategies
  • Build self-confidence in all aspects of life
  • Enjoy a great sense of accomplishment after every single class

Don’t Miss Out On The Best Kids Martial Arts Classes In Wrexham!

If you’re looking for a great way to help your child have fun, stay active, and develop incredible life skills – look no further. Our team at Ady Jones Taekwondo Schools is proud to give students all across Wrexham and beyond the best chance to thrive.