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Taekwondo Resources

Basic Warm up & Stretch

These videos are important and must be completed before taking part in any Taekwondo classes or tutorial

Patterns Tutorial

In addition to the General Pattern Videos we have produced these are Pattern Tutorial Videos by Grade Pattern

Grade Pattern

Here you will find all our colour belt patterns performed by Master Ady Jones

Live Classes

Live Taekwondo & KickFitter Fitness Classes which have been filmed via zoom will be recorded and saved here!

Kicking Tutorials

Kicking tutorials by Master Ady Jones

Sparring & Footwork Drills

Drills to improve your Sparring techniques & Footwork


Grading Floorwork

Here you will find the complete Grading Floorwork for each belt

Set Sparring

Videos for 2 & 3 step sparring

AdyJones TKD-396 copy

Black Belts

Coming Soon....